Our work is focused on the application of tissue engineering and microfluidics to study how cells process information under dynamic physiological conditions to make metabolic decisions. Our work elucidated the metabolic regulation of viral infection, early human development, tissue morphogenesis and regeneration. Applications range from faster drug development and personalized medicine, to animal-free toxicity studies, and the development of cultured meat.  


Prof. Yaakov Nahmias

Group Leader

Dr. Merav Cohen 

Lab Manager

Prof. Yaakov Nahmias

Group Leader

Sabina Tsytkin, BSc

MSc Student Bioengineering

Aaron Cohen, MSc

PhD Student Bioengineering

Gahl Levy, MSc

PhD Student Bioengineering

Eliezer Keinan, MSc

PhD Student Applied Physics

Avner Ehrlich, BSc

MSc Student Bioengineering


Dr. Danny Kitsberg              

Dr. Maria Angela Guzzardi       

Dr. Arieh Moussaief   


Dr. Elishai Ezra Tzur

Dr. Danny Bavli

Dr. Maria Shulman


Michal Zimermann-Stempler

Yishai Avior 

Yoel Goldstein

Ester Levant 

Itzik Cohen 

Aviv Rotman 

David Bomze 

Senior Scientist, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Senior Scientist, National Research Council, Italy 

Assistant Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Assistant Professor, Jerusalem College of Engineering


Kaplan Hospital  

Research Associate, KadimaStem

PhD Student, Benvenisty Lab, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Project Manager, Freemind 

Data Scientist, Taboola

PhD Student, Avraham Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science